Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera: Breathtaking, Exciting, Fantastic!

The first view of the island from the ferry is quite breathtaking. As you approach the island, it looks as though the ferry is heading straight for it, but the closer you get, the Manila Channel becomes visible. The two islands are so close to each other that you feel as though you could touch both when passing through the Channel.

The further you move into the channel, you pass stunningly beautiful white sand beaches that are straddled by inviting huts littered all over the shoreline. As you come out on the other side, it becomes apparent why this breathtaking port was given the name Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera is the port where Spanish Galleons used to take refuge from strong typhoons. As you pass through the port, let your imagination wander a bit, and you will almost see the Spanish Galleons of old swinging their anchors.

Okay, enough dreaming. Let’s get back to reality.

Puerto Galera is a small but busy port famous for its beautiful white sand beaches scattered all over the islands and bays. The port offers world-class scuba diving opportunities and is pretty much a tourist Mecca.

Beaches Galore

If Puerto Galera’s crystal-clear waters do not catch your attention, then its numerous powdery-white sand beaches will. Here is a look at some of the popular areas in the area:


If you are looking for a vibrant place to hang out, then Sabang is the place to go to find activity and nightlife. Sabang is a lively and bustling little town that offers a range of open-air bars, discos, karaoke, and restaurants, that are quite affordable, and right on the water’s edge. The town can be quite hectic and noisy at times, and may not be suitable for all travelers. However, for those looking to meet other tourists and backpackers, then this is the perfect place to go.

Sabang is home to a wide range of hotels, click here for more info.

The beach at Sabang isn’t much to speak about and can get a bit dirty considering the increasing number of tourists visiting the town over the years. Most of its beach space is taken up by Banca boats, which can make it hard to navigate the beach sometimes.

Small La Laguna Beach

This beach is a stone’s throw away from Sabang and rarely experiences the same level of activity as Sabang. While the beach is not that fantastic either, it’s a massive improvement from that at Sabang.

Small La Laguna beach is a great place to enjoy some snorkeling as there is a reef right in front of it.

If you want to enjoy some peace, and quiet yet have some fun, then a great option would be to find accommodation at Small La Laguna Beach. When you want to have some fun, simply walk to Sabang to enjoy the nightlife and flurry of activities it has to offer or for dinner. If staying at Small La Laguna Beach is an option you are considering, then be sure to check out Portofino Beach Resort. The Resort offers everything you want.

Big La Laguna Beach

This beach is by far one of my personal favorites.

The beautiful Big La Laguna’s beach is sheltered by headlands that jut into the sea from both ends. The reefs right in front of it also offer some good snorkeling opportunities. At the same time, it is home to some really good restaurants and hotels and is just 15-minutes away from Sabang on foot. However, you could still take a Banca boat ride to and from Sabang if you don’t feel like walking.

Big La Laguna is more of a family beach. If you’re looking for accommodation here, then do not go past the La Laguna Dive Resort and Beach Club. It is highly recommended.

There are many more beaches in the area that are more suitable for day trips and which are generally quiet and quite secluded. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I’d suggest that you request your hotel to arrange for you a one-day excursion to Halige Beach.


If there is one thing that is in plenty in Puerto Galera, it is accommodation. With a huge range of accommodation options, ranging from luxury resorts to one-bedroom basic huts, finding something that suits your budget, preference, and needs should not be a problem.

It goes without saying that there’s an option for everybody on any one of the beaches in Puerto Galera.

How do I Find My Way To Puerto Galera?

For info on travel options to Puerto Galera, click here.

Other Activities

There’s so much to do in Puerto Galera with most activities being centered around the port’s waters. Some of these activities include sailing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

However, there are still many things that you could do that do not involve water. For instance, you could try your luck at playing some golf at the Ponderosa Golf Club.

The course at Ponderosa Golf Club is quite spectacular. Even if you aren’t playing, the views are definitely something you will enjoy. The course sits on the side of a mountain, 2,000 ft. above sea level overlooking Puerto Galera. The setting is just spectacular. Don’t, under any circumstances, forget to bring your camera!

The golf course is literally carved out of the mountain, and its nine holes are designed over jungle trails and through gorges. The club supplies players with lots of balls; trust me, you’ll need them.

Mangyan Village

The Mangyan are Puerto Galera’s native tribal group and live in the jungles found in the mountains of Mindoro. Though theirs is a subsistence life, they will, from time to time, venture to tourist spots to vend their local produce. Consider requesting your hotel to organize a trip to their village.

Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw falls are quite stunning. They tumble over several smaller falls before falling off the main 140-meters fall.